Robins Nest Kidcare is Open

Monday - Friday

7:30am to 6:30pm

Twelve Months a Year

Closed All Observed Holidays

 Daily Schedule:

 7:30-9:00     Free Play
 9:00-9:15     Clean-Up/ Potty Time
 9:15-9:30     Circle Time
 9:30-9:45    Snack
 9:45-10:00   Art/Science
 10:00-11:00  Outside Curriculum
 11:00-11:30   Clean-Up/Potty Time
 11:30-12:00   Lunch
 12:00-12:30  Quiet Time/Story Time
 12:30-2:30    Nap
 2:30-3:00    Clean-Up/Potty
 3:00-3:30    Snack
 3:30-6:00    Outside /Free Play
 6:00-6:30    Quiet Free Play Time

​​​​​​​​​​Tuition Information:

(Daily Snacks and Meals included)

New Student  Registration Fee: $200.00 (nonrefundable)
Annual Registration Fee: $150.00 (nonrefundable)

We Welcome CCRC Families

Full Time

(30hrs or more per week or 6+hrs per Day )

Part Time 
(Less than 25hrs per week or less than 5hrs per Day )